What, in your opinion, is the best robot reveal video?

I love watching robot reveal videos to boost my creativity. Additionally, I just like seeing the crazy ideas that everyone comes up with to solve the years challenge. I’m thinking about possibly making a reveal for the CREATE US Open this year. So, what’s your favorite reveal and why?

For skyrise - Discobots Because It has good music and is overall really well made.
For nBn - lebron James Pearman Because it was extremely influential to every team and was cool to see a successful robot in the beginning of the season.

Personally, I really like 44’s tossup reveal because of how cinematic it is and how much goes on in the robot.
Also, 2915A’s reveal and 2915A’s worlds reveal because of how silly they were.

I was going to say 2587Z’s skyrise reveal, but @cameronb996 has already mentioned it.

323z’s reveal was pretty good too.

If you were asking about NBN specifically, I would have to say 7258’s early season reveal. As far as I know, they were the second team to reveal a lift that worked in competition (After 2R and excluding robots that had no launcher).

:smiley: That one was hilarious.

dangit, I was just about to post that :stuck_out_tongue:

118’s frc stronghold reveal

I know It’s not vex, but that grappling hook…

Every time I see an FRC robot I feel like crying because we can’t afford it :(. That is a great reveal though.

118’s FRC reveals in general. Though I think the best one is the 2013 reveal for Ultimate Ascent.

I really liked 1200 and 1200F’s Tossup reveal.

12 in Sack Attack

Disco in Gateway

Sack Attack
12a , b

Toss Up
Pastoral Invasion
2344b (118 in toss up)


62’s skyrise reveal is my favorite

I have to agree that the discobots skyrise reveal was a great reveal. It’s probably my favorite of all time honestly. I also enjoyed the 1200 1200F Toss Up reveal, but I may be biased in that regard, because I’m also from Wisconsin.

Sack Attack:

Toss Up


26 (Just a personal favorite :slight_smile: )

Tbh, I liked these also. And 118 too.
There was also a Skyrise one that was pretty cool. It had a portion where flames were coming out of the robot. I don’t know what to search for to find it though…

I personally love 118’s videos.

A classic

118’s Reveals are the hands down the best (IMO). :smiley:

2915’s MLG reveal?