What intake should I use?

So my group is “done” with the majority of our bot sans the intake. I was originally going to do a conveyor lift that could get 3 cubes, but after spectating a competition and seeing the height limitations of my bot, I realized that Skyrise sections needed to be a major focus of my robot. So I have a few choices here and I’m not sure what to do. The more experienced members at my school told me to do what I want, though focusing on only skyrise is fine. In fact, at our first/most recent competition, one of our two bots(cube focused) chose a skyrise only bot for an ally and won the tournament. I kinda think that the fact that that was an early competition and that our next comp will be in late November, people are going to upgrade their robots to do both cubes and skyrises. So naturally, I feel like I should be able to get both cubes and skyrises. I’m currently leaning towards focusing only on skyrise, at the moment.
I could…
4 out of the 10 motors left to use, 2 would be req. for conveyer

  1. conveyor alone
  2. conveyor plus motored skyrise attachment…on the side probably
  3. conveyor plus passive skyrise attachment…side again
  4. passive skyrise, maybe gets one cube
  5. motored skyrise, gets one cube(could get more if i think of good design?)
  6. passive skyrise alone

Advice appreciated…
Oh and this bot (this is the one I mentioned earlier) has the lift I’m using, if you wanna get an idea. Very smalllll space to work with in the center, mine is barely big enough to get cubes in: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wIIYqAIIwB4

lol why didn’t you ask us this question during Wednesday or something?

If you’re going to have a conveyor (so a 2-3 cube intake), you might want more motors on your lift because the extra torque will be helpful for stabilizing the heavier lift and lifting extra cubes.

If you’re going to have a passive intake, I would personally recommend putting it on the middle of your lift because a lopsided lift takes time to fix. Plus, your 8-bar will give you extra forward reach to score Skyrise sections.


What about this?

That guy, I just wanted to get outside input, don’t worry, you guys are still #1 in my heart. Aaaand ya silly me forgot about the imbalance…guess i could set it up on top of my wheel barriers, maybe. I’ll look at my motor setup next week.

Jarred, ya that looks good for a passive. I’m definitely considering it.

Haha watching you Brookwood guys talk on the forum is so fun…

Check out the Chinese skyrise video. Robots in that video use a special type of claw that can easily scoop up a stack of 2. Think about that. It requires no internal space. Or very little.