What is a good laptop for robotics

I need help finding a good laptop for robotics
My budget is around $1000

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List the things you want to do beyond something like VEXcode V5…

CAD? Video for the team? etc.

also what does your school allow on their network - that might impact decision making…]


chromebooks would work with autodesk fusion online and vexcode.

probably a nice windows if you’re into PROS. downloading on mac is death


Hao I’m around 95% sure you missed the part where they said “$1000”, because there’s no way you just suggested that someone get a chromebook with a $1000 budget.

If you’re recommending an operating system based on programming alone, Windows is not the answer.

@okbamtheman anything here will do, feel free to tinker with the options as needed.


With a $1000 budget, I’d suggest:

  • Intel Core i7 or AMD Ryzen 7 CPU
  • 16 or 32 GB RAM
  • 500 GB SSD or more (no spinning hard drives)
  • Something better than an integrated GPU (if you plan on doing anything graphics-heavy)

From there, just about anything will do. Just make sure to buy it from a reputable retailer.


Computer recommendations:
MacBook is good for CAD, Fusion 360, and other Autodesk stuff
Chromebooks are extremely slow but can do stuff given time
Windows is like MacBook but also good with coding and is slightly faster
Linux is really fast and efficient

Coding recommendations:
RobotC Text(Versatile and good for people who know C++ or JavaScript)
VexCode(Pretty much an upgraded Scratch


They’re talking abt VRC not IQ btw

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All of @16688B_Oregon’s suggestions were perfectly relevant to either program.


Thanks I appreciate it


I have a list of top 10 laptops that would be great for robotics.


Not mine
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Well, let’s flip that a bit - $1,000 means I might be able to get:

  • two chrome books for sure (a hot spare is awesome to have when you drop one in the hot tub),
  • a big external display, mouse, keyboard and other peripherals (don’t forget cables)
  • external SD drive to back everything up when cloud fails
  • and maybe a sweet gaming chair for home - just because :slight_smile:

I think look at the budget of total cost of ownership and getting the job done (coding, cad, video editing…)

Often people overspend on a single computer, when then can take it down a notch and improve the overall user experience by adding good peripherals to the mix.


This list is very, very subjective, since at the end of the day OP never really specified what exactly they were looking for, so saying these are outright the best is a stretch, to put it lightly. Not to mention that last laptop is 1300, which would appear to be over the specified budget. And the spelling isn’t doing you too many favors either…


The last laptop is the best, we are talking Core i7 11th gen but the past version is good as well comming in a price of $900-$1000, I am not able to find this laptop so I put the brand new one till I find the gen before the new Galaxy Book.

I got you covered, presenting the $1000 chromebook


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You can find one, but why would you want it?

Yea I don’t find any use of buying a 1000 dollor chromebook, till the chromebook is for flexing but still I can find a beast gaming pc for 300 dollors more.

I mean there is a lot of factors that go into it and honestly it depends on the person. For example, I use an M1 MacBook Air this works fine for me because I can use it to play Minecraft with good performance and i like the os better.

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Macbooks has a lot of limits when using apps, you can’t even install cad on it thats why its not recommend to use Mac for robotics because there is limit on apps you can install on windows.

Uh, not sure about that… maybe more details about “lots of limits” and your other statement " there is limit on apps you can install on windows."

Every platform has its pros and cons.



Just convince you spoiled cousin to give you his old one!!

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