What is a VW Indexer?

I understand how an indexer works, I just don’t really understand how a VW Indexer is and what the difference is from a normal one. Could explain this?

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indexer developed by the vapor wave alliance

basically a cylinder indexer that indexes 1 disc per 1 actuation, rather than 1 disc per two actuations. it saves air for other pneumatic systems.

we ran this on our MoA bot but I would recommend a motorized indexer ratcheted off of an intake instead, because it has the ability to shoot triple shots faster. motorized indexer also can also be a good alternative for teams without pneumatics.

an example can be seen here:


Ratcheting an indexer off the intake may cause reversing the intake to be very inconvenient. This could lead to un-ideal effects when some discs are on standby in the robot and you need to avoid a disc possession penalty, or you need to reverse intake if roller mechanism is shared with intake and spinning in reverse is desirable.

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Vapor Wave Indexer op and we do not share our secrets, sorry


I confess - initially I thought it meant Volkswagon !!

But that’s the problem when labels are named after some person and names.
Give it another season or two, most people will be scratching their heads what’s VW all over again.


It is probably some mechanism that converts ether direction of a cylinder stroke into the same rotatory motion.