What is considered the outer edge of the colored tile?

I have had many people ask this question, and I have had many people tell me two different answers when I ask, so I want to clear this up. What is considered the outer edge of the colored tile for positioning your robot and preload legally? Is it the edge of the jagged pieces, or the tile not including the jagged pieces? Sorry if I was not specific enough. I am sure most of you will understand what I mean. Thanks in advance.

Here is a clarification on this topic:

Based on that (and I think there was another thread as well but can’t find it) and <SG1> saying you must touch the coloured tile but no grey tiles, the perimeter of the tiles would be the jagged edge. Pretty much, you can touch whatever part of the coloured tile you want but no grey tile at all.

in my region (BC, Canada) everyone has decided that the outside edges of the tabs that connect to other tiles is the outside edge. however i would ask this in the official rules thread to get an answer from Karthik.

It has been asked and answered. The edge of the tile is the actual edge of the tile. You can touch any part of the blue or red tile…the main “square” part, along with any of the interlocking teeth.

You simply cannot touch any grey…whether that is an interlocking tooth or the “square” part of the tile.

Remember, your robot can “overhang” the grey tile as much as you like. As long as all other rules are followed.

This is one of those questions that has been addressed in the official forums. Some of the prior replies have given links. For rules questions, I would always check the official rules forums first. If you cannot find the answer, post the question there. Any answers you get from the general forum may or may not be reliable whereas any answer you get on the official rules forum is as good as it being in the actual rules.

Please don’t do this, and please don’t tell people to do this. One of the biggest problems with the official Q+A is that everyone who wants to be completely up to date with the rules has to read every single thread. It’s a massive waste of time when people post questions there that have already been answered.

This question was already answered here:

and that link has been posted in this thread. There’s no need for anyone to post in the official Q+A.