What is considered "Too Defensive"?

At our last competition we went for a defensive strategy as our robot broke mid-competition and left us unable to fix it. At one point the referee called us out for being “Over defensive”. Curious as to what actions could have led us to a potential disqualification, I read rule G12 & G13 but don’t see any rules that we were violating or were even close to violating. Does it just depend on the referee? In your opinion, what would you consider too defensive? We don’t want to risk getting a DQ at our next competition.

Heres a Rundown on being “Too Defensive”

Auto Disqualifications
-Entering the Inner Protected Zone
-Causing a robot to descore there own cubes that were already stacked
-Contacting a Robot fully within there protected zone
-Descoring an Alliance Tower of your opponent

Excessive Action/Match Affecting Disqualifications
-Pinning or Trapping a Robot for more than 5 seconds
-Knocking out excessive amounts of cubes from an opponents tray

Iffy/Ref Discretion Disqualifications;
-Forcing a robot to break a rule intentionally

Auton Disqualifications:
-Crossing the Autonomous Line
-Causing cubes to cross the Autonomous line

Frankly if you want to know the answer, you’re going to have to say exactly what you did.

Our strategy mainly consisted of pinning (not for more than 5 seconds, we’d back off and then begin pinning again), and a bit of pushing, but not enough to tip or majorly damage the opposing alliance’s bot.

As long as you were waiting the required 5 seconds for the trap to reset before trapping again, then what you did sounds perfectly legal.

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What about for the cubes that are halfway on top of the autonline, do those still earn you a dq if pushed over?

you cant make a cube thats already on both sides to “cross” to either side

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