What is everyone doing for the extension period at the end of the round?

I cant seem to find any reference for the end of the round extension period… any help?

Do you mean endgame where expansion is permitted in Spin Up?

Not sure what you are looking for. Ideas of what people are going to do? pretty obvious, cover as many tiles as possible.

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Yes, I do, I meant how? Obviously, you try to cover all the tiles but how? With a scissor expansion?

That would be one way. Why don’t you brainstorm with your team all the possible ways you could accomplish this, and document in your engineering notebook how your team decided was the best decision (perhaps using a decision matrix).


Scissor mechanism
String Launcher
Deployable roller blocking wall & minibot with tether

So many mechanisms to chose from!


Does anyone know what this robot is, and how it works?

That’s an example robot used to demonstrate the endgame period. It uses dual scissor lift mechanisms with standoffs that touch the ground to cover tiles. And before you ask, no, there isn’t an instruction manual for this robot. Scissor lifts have been used in VRC before so a quick YouTube search should give you what you need.