What is everyone's opinion about this years game

I don’t really like it that much but I want to hear everyone’s opinion

I think it’s a good game that allows a team to develop their robot through the season.


What don’t you like about this year’s game?

It’s a great game, with 2 unique game elements (cubes and balls). With past seasons, you either just dealt with balls, hex balls, hubs, rings, etc. Now, you have 2 challenges. There are multiple ways to score, and thus we will see different strategies. Also, there will be different robot designs. Last season’s practically everyone had a version of Flex because it was so effective and simple (our team actually started out building flex then improving it over the course of the season).

I like where the GDC is heading with this. The game will allow teams to showcase their engineering and designs, as well as driver skills.


I like that the parts that build cube element can be reused for building robots or general class projects.


I love that about IQ . With EDR it feels like you are filling a dumpster with game and field elements at the end of every year.


It’s just there always the same thing,you grab that put into this thats vex iq in a nutshell.It’s really repetitive,can we get some more games with new ideas!

I think this game will be great in that there will be a good diversity of robot designs. Depending on if a team wishes to focus on manipulating the balls, or the cubes, or trying to do both will give us a lot of different looks.
Additionally, the Hero bot does play the game, but not very well. So it’s a decent starting platform, but needs a lot of optimization.


The key benefits of robots in general is to do repetitive tasks without variation, without getting tired, etc. The other benefit is to work in hazardous environments, so maybe we could enclose the fields and fill it with corrosive gas or something, but I think the EP’s would balk. :grinning:


I am hoping that will be the case. With next year’s field size increased to 6x8, it should allow the GDC to come up with more creative and challenging games. May we can list out some ideas on this forum. Your thoughts?

Obstacle course? Race Track?

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I wish we could race so we could figure out the fastest robot you could build it could be great

More of an engineering challenge… Hardest game yet…I like the multiple objects… I’m excited to see what the kids are going to come up with this year.


IMO, you can only really tell whether a game is good or not roughly halfway through the season when bot designs have (pretty much) reached their peak. Whether a game is good or not is usually dictate by the teams, the meta, and how people choose to play it.


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