What is going on with the VEX Via App?

I opened it up this morning for the first time since Worlds, updated, and I’m seeing a scattered competitions across the country. There are a few with variations of the word “test” in their name, suggesting that there is some work being done. For reference, all my comments are based on version 1.3, on iOS 6.0.1.

The first competition, names simply “test” has all of the results for the qualifying matches, but lists no Elimination matches and has doesn’t split up the results by team. Presumably this was a scrimmage of some sort. If so, that’s exactly what I would expect.

The “Purdue VEX U Fall Challenge” works exactly how Worlds did last year. Match results, breakdowns by team, everything is there. It’s great.

Here’s the strange one. Today, there’s a competition running called “Northwest Indiana VEX Robotics…” on my iPhone. I know it’s running now, because I literally JUST saw it update Match 12’s results. Thing is, Robot Events doesn’t list a competition with matching parameters happening today. The app lists 19 teams as being in attendance. The website’s only competition with a similar name and location (in fact, they’re identical as far as I can see) is this one. This competition has 51 teams (many of which overlap with the list on my phone) and no posted match results.

Qualification matches 13 and 14 just posted to the app. What is going on here? Where is this thing getting data from? What kind of data is this?

To me, this says that someone somewhere was in the process of getting all of the events integrated into the system, and there’s a glitch. A very strange glitch. Does anyone know if this app is going to be useable later in the season? It would be great for the updates to push to my notification screen, too, saving me from having to keep checking match results at the field. Or what the problem is? I have no idea.

EDIT: Okay, Match 15 is up now, and I’m still lost. These are clearly Toss Up scores, they have teams competing in Toss Up listed as playing in the matches, and the competition seems to actually exist, albeit with more teams and no matches as of yet. The “Washington B Team Tournament” (also running today) is updated to what’s on Robot Events. The “CSM Southern Maryland Middle…” has nothing posted to the app, but is nearly finished on Robot Events. I have no idea what’s wrong.

I’m not sure why it’s being updated on the app and not RobotEvents. But the app is most likely right. Indiana had a nasty winter storm last night so many teams (including us) were unable to go today. I don’t know how the app is getting the data, but the data is probably right.

I hope this is an accidental preview of the next update to the app where all competitions will be available for live updates, instead of just Worlds and few select others.

If I were you, I’d wait it out. The developer behind this is the same one behind Tournament Manager, so the two apps are likely intertwined pretty closely. There are plenty of bugs to be squashed and it’s probably set up on a single server rather than a Public and Beta server.

EDIT: I’m running on Android, same thing is happening. It doesn’t theoretically have anything to do with the app - the app is a GUI to some server data. I would bet that the server is being tested for new features and so awkward bugs are happening.

Right. You guys had massive storms. It’s 65 degrees and sunny here, so I forget that it’s winter in the rest of the Northern Hemisphere.

Anyone have an idea where this event data is posted to? I wanted to watch what happened at our team’s competition today, but Robot Events doesn’t have their match results.

:mad: [10char]

Okay, it has to be something to do with the Tournament Manager. The two are made by the same company. I’m installing it now to see if I can get access to this information, and I sent an e-mail to their customer support with a question as to getting access if this doesn’t work.

Anyone running a scouting database (Overclocked, Gale Force, there might be others) might want to see if they can figure out where this information is stored and if it’s easier to utilize than the format on Robot Events. It certainly updates faster.

EDIT: Yeah, I don’t know what I’m doing here. The tournament manager software seems to have the ability to access other competitions’ scoring information, but it looks like I need the IP Address of the hosting computer and the right password. There’s this window that popped up as I was looking at how to create a tournament, but that doesn’t tell me how to get at the results that people are posting to what I presume are private web servers. Their User Guide didn’t seem to have the information I wanted, either. This has been a fun hour and a half, but I can’t get any further on this project and I suspect no one else cares.

All other competitions seem to be coming in at the same time on robotevents as vex via, so I suspect that with some of the testing, some data is making it through a private server vex via and the tournament manager are on, but not feeding into robotevents. I am interested in seeing what will happen when the official data is posted to robotevents.

As you have noticed, VEX via has been enabled for all VRC and VEX U events. There is no testing of the app going on; it is fully functional. The “test” events you see are coming from Event Partners who are apparently configuring “test” events in TM and then turning on Web Publishing. They really shouldn’t be doing that, but regardless VEX via is simply reporting what they provide. VEX via shows the event name which is configured in Tournament Manager by the Event Partner rather than the name shown on RobotEvents.com

The Northwest Indiana event being discussed is different situation - the Event Partner for that event has already finalized the results for their event on RobotEvents.com. Once the results are finalized, RobotEvents.com will not accept any new uploaded results. This is why no results are being shown on RE.com for that event. This has nothing to do with Tournament Manager or VEX via.

Okay, that makes sense. Thanks for clearing it up.

So any event could have its results posted to the VEX Via app if they set it up correctly? That’s really neat. If everyone would do that, this would end up being an incredibly useful, portable database. It would beat going to Robot Events every other weekend to check match results.

Thanks, that makes sense. I am curious for my own site though, when the results are finalized, does it still update to ajax.robotevents.com? If not are they public? And, does it say anywhere that my program could pick up if the results are finalized?