What is going on with the VEXU Q&A? (3rd ed.)

The VEXU Q&A has not had an answer for several months. Multiple questions have sat without answers for over 3 months.

Some of these questions have fundamental consequences for robot design (such as Q&A 1334), while others are basic questions of part legality (such as Q&A 1440) that should be easy for the GDC to answer.

I have reached out to the GDC through official channels, such as the GDC@vex.com email box, but have received no response whatsoever (as is the case with the previous 11 emails I have sent over the last 2 years).

And now the GDC has closed the Q&A to any further questions. I really hope that the GDC answers these questions with crystal clarity because they have blocked any attempt to get clarification in the future.

@Grant_Cox @VEX_GDC Do you know when VEXU teams can expect an answer to these questions?


All visible VEXU Q&A’s (and one that wasn’t previously visible!) have been answered. Thank you @Grant_Cox @VEX_GDC !