What is Google Plus

Lol off topic but Jesse I have no clue about this Google stuff. Is it video or mobile applicable?


That is what we use. I’m not sure how to do it with a yahoo email though. If you just look around, I think you should be able to find a way. Maybe just create a random gmail real fast, then use that for the google hangouts?

Google+ is a social network that was designed around all of the complaints of today’s popular social networks like Twitter and Facebook. You can share only specific things with specific people (into groups called circles, individually, or publicly). It’s backed by Google, so you get all of the goodness of being in the Google ecosystem. There’s obviously been a lot of backlash over Google+ in the recent months, but a lot of their hate stems from the fact that none of their friends are on Google+. Of course, their friends won’t join because none of their friends are on Google+ and so comes a recursive loop that ends up with nobody liking it. I honestly believe that Google+ is the best social network out there and so do most people on it, the problem is nobody else realizes it.

If your asking for a complete description of all of Google’s services, in a nutshell, there’s Google Drive for file storage and sharing, YouTube (do I need to tell you what that is?), Android, Hangouts (messaging platform intertwined with Google+), Maps, Gmail, and Calendar. Those are the big 'uns, and there are many more. It’s a lot like Yahoo, and many would argue one is better than the other.

And we’ve officially derailed this thread. Oh well, the question has been answered and this isn’t Stack Exchange.

Google+ == Google’s Facebook