What is it like at a competition

My team and I a rookies and nervous for our first comp and I was wondering what the comp looks like and other tips and ideas for rookies.

There are two other threads on this topic you created.

Look at the existing ones you created, and ask specific questions there.


Are you asking about the general experience of a competition? If so, it would be a bit different than the posts @lacsap mentioned.

Yea just the general experience from non rookies.

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Read the summary of articles linked “What should we make sure to bring to our first competition we want to be as prepared as we can possibly be.” and “I have 1 week till my first competition what should I expect and what should I do?”

these three topics are related and @Cam.s keeps creating new topics.

I would flag the three to be merged …

Nothing more to add to the tips that were in first topic posted.


In this case I will give you a few pieces of advice:

  1. Have fun! Although the outcome is something that experienced robot people freak out way too much about, the tournament itself is not stressful.
  2. Don’t worry about how things work. It takes a while to explain but once you get to the tournament itself you’ll get the hang of it. Just remember the general advice you were told in the other threads, and remember to do your skills runs.
  3. Remember the rules. In tipping Point they are pretty annoying and it can hurt a lot if you don’t know them.
  4. Scout for alliances. It is your first competition but depending on the size and quality you still have a chance of getting well into the elimination rounds.

So I did. Not to contradict the fact that three separate posts are not necessary, but this topic is different. Those two on their own should be merged, but this is fundamentally different. In those topics @cam.s is asking for tips to prepare, but this has the feel of “Ok, Iḿ prepared. The tournament is getting closer, what will it be like?” I do agree that the posts are better off merged but this on its own in my opinion is completely valid.

If you want to read about the day - RECF has a Team Guide for VRC teams that lays out a lot of useful info and how the event will unfold.

Teams at events are extremely supportive and generous with their time.