What is needed to compete?

Hello all. I am a homeschooling mom with a son on a homeschool robotics team. This team was just formed last school year and did not compete in any competitions. This year we want to make sure that our team can compete. We purchased a robot with controller (basic kit) last year, so do not have any sensors. At this point we want to at least have bare minimum needed to compete. Would purchasing all sensors that are included in the super kit fulfill that? I know that we will also need the programming software. We do have a full field and will be purchasing the new game components. Thanks for any help you can offer us.

If you are looking for the bare minimum you are already there - all that would be required would be registering on robotevents.com and finding an event.

http://www.roboticseducation.org/vex-iq-challenge/viq-teams/ is a good resource on getting started.

Sensors are good if your team is at that point but they are not absolutely necessary. You can do a lot with the built in motor encoders and bumpers. Modkit is free for programming software and is an option.

If you want my opinion on the most important things to get… a notebook to use as an engineering notebook and some spare batteries/chargers would be my top picks. After that a couple additional motors and a set or two of omni-wheels.

Good luck to the team!

As curiousworx says, you already have everything you need to compete other than getting your team registered on Robot Events.
What sensors you need will depend on what the team wish to be able to detect with their robot. It’s a good excercise to get them to look at all the sensors and functionality of each and write down what each could be used for - this will help them decide which they need.

A spare battery is definately a good idea for competition. After that, I’d be looking at the Competition Add On Kit which gives you loads of cool stuff including 2 extra motors.