What is needed to host a competition

So I am in the very early stages of wanting to put on a competition maybe next year out even. What is needed in order to put on your own competition? As detailed as possible would be helpful and if you have experience hosting VRC I would like to know that as well.


Start by contacting your REC Foundation Regional Representative, here is a link to their contact info:


Right now is the time when qualifying events are being planned, so if you want to hold an event this year that will have automatic qualifying spots for a state or national championship, you should act quickly.


Paul’s advice to contact your REC Foundation Regional Support Manager is excellent. Also, for your information, the VEX IQ “Event Partner Guide,” as well as other resources available on the “VEX IQ Event Documents site,” provide best practices for planning and coordinating successful VEX IQ Challenge events. Thank you for your interest in hosting an event.