What is new in inventor 2015?

I see that inventor 2015 is out. Has anyone tried it? What new features are in it? Is it worth the upgrade? Are parts created in 2015 viewable/editable in 2014?

Downloading it right now, ill tell you if its really worth downloading over staying with inventor 2014.

This is what is new in Inventor 2015: http://autodesk.com/products/autodesk-inventor-family/features/new

Thanks, now why couldn’t I find that page;)

I just started working in in. Some things have been updated and make it a bit easier to work with, mainly the UI and menus. Backwards compatibility seems fine to me, haven’t hit any errors. Its really up to your personal preference whether to update or not.

So if a part is created in 2015 it can be opened in 2014?

to my understanding and testing, yes.