What is on your Worlds Wish/Bucket List ?

I was looking at the Worlds page and saw New Bright is now a sponsor. I so hope that they have a Monster Jam field set up and plenty of Digger trucks to demo— https://www.walmart.com/ip/New-Bright-Monster-Jam-Radio-Control-Son-UVA-Digger-RC-2-4-GHZ-1-10-Sound-Light-Large-Truck/190611006

For me, I want to see my team have fun and compete well. Also, I look forward to the new product and game reveal.

I’d say a red trophy is on just about everyone’s wishlist at worlds

2nd that. Definitely looking forward to see what VEX Robotics have in store.

Please please no additional 2.4GHz ISM band noise!

Fair enough…

I was hoping to get to Worlds, but I lost in the semifinals. Nevertheless, if I had, I would’ve gotten Karthik to sign my robot, specifically the cortex. It would then be used to hand down the team to future members.

Honestly if i were to do this I would probably take off my cortex and give it to a team mate to get signed…then id go to my next match and wonder where my cortex went…

That’s what it’s all about. I’m there to win first and have fun second… Although winning or at least competing at the highest level possible is the fun part for me, I guess.

Win or lose, Worlds is a tremendous amount of fun. It’s hard to explain. Losing hurts, but this tournament isn’t like the others. Being at Worlds is amazing.

I like the idea. They could put the field in a different hall…

I know, I’ve been to Worlds 3 times already. Highlight of my year, every year.

The best is the icecream

When Invictus is watching to crush your dreams…just kidding.

Either play in the dome on Saturday, or watch my teams play in the Dome on Saturday. Won’t happen this year as my VRC team didn’t qualify, but my IQ team did, so I’ll try to see if we can get to the dome on Tuesday.

Will watch my friends in VEX U try to get to the Dome and play for the Finals when I get in to Worlds on Friday.

I grew up playing sports all my life, I aim to win everything. Worst part about me, but it’s not that fun for me if I’m not winning.

I want the Worlds Competition Jacket/hoodie… couldn’t get it last time I went to worlds. Being in worlds is already amazing for many teams.

I think that the masterminds behind vex should come together and build their own robot with the same parameters (yet utilizing much more experience) to challenge high school teams. It would be inspiring to see what more could be done with the game and fun to watch and participate in.


I am often amazed at how the GDC specs test the limits as if there have been protobots built of some sort but I don’t know if professional engineers would want to be challenged in this manner or whether it would be the best use of their time. This is a driver"s game and I cannot imagine the hours of practice that most student drivers have put in being billed to the project at an engineer’s rate being worth the prospect of being beat. If I recall correctly in Gateway it was Singapore Middle Schoolers that bested everyone in skills. How’d you like that put on your Linkedin profile–there is not a win in it either way.

That’s what I’m really going for.

@gcfky You make a valid point. I know it’s not practical - It would just be interesting.