What is the "and don't wait" block attachment actually do?

This is really just making me angered today. The “and don’t wait” block attachment is there, but when the code is ran, the attachment just skips the code with the “and don’t wait” attachment. Is there a way to fix this?


The turn left “overtakes” the forward above it. I’m assuming you what it to drive forward, and then turn left.

The “and don’t wait” is nice for when you want the bot to do multiple things at the same time. So, if you want a motor to spin 100 deg and have the robot drive at the same time (to save time), you would do:

  1. spin motor for 100 deg → and don’t wait
  2. drive bot forward

Commands 1 and 2 will essentially run at the SAME TIME!

The following wouldn’t work:

  1. spin motor for 100 deg → and don’t wait
  2. spin motor for 20 deg

Command 2 “overtakes” command one because they are both using the same motor. This is the mistake you are making above. You will typically only use “and don’t wait” wieh you are controlling different things.


Code runs from top to bottom, “And Don’t Wait” makes it to where that line of code runs at the same time as the previous one does.

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