What is the autonomous bonus?

Hello Everyone,

I’ve been reading the rules and just realized that there no mention of the autonomous bonus.

So…what exactly is it?

Going through the FMS and the animation, I can only assume that the autonomous bonus is an additional 1 point bonus for a goal, but I couldn’t find a rule that explicitly states this…

  • Sunny G.

There is not an autonomous bonus in Gateway. The only bonus is to be the first scoring object in each circular goal (1 bonus point for each goal with your alliance color’s scoring object at the bottom).

So, it could be advantageous to score in several goals in autonomous, but no bonus points for having a higher score at the end of the autonomous period.

  1. I’m not sure how “official” the animation is, but it mentions an autonomous bonus for the first object scored in a goal during autonomous.

  2. The FMS has a place for “bonus” next to each goal, it just doesn’t say autonomous bonus. Also, this NOT the bonus point, because the point is automatically calculated when a game piece is added to a circular goal.

  • Sunny G.

Man, that’s what I get for looking at stuff at midnight.

I was just tripping, it appears that the bonus is for the Bonus Point.

Sorry about that,

  • Sunny G.

Don’t worry, you’re definitely not the only one that was confused; the animation video was a little bit badly worded (<—IRONY) but there is NO autonomous bonus at all. You get one bonus point for the bottom object but that happens regardless of whether it was scored in autonomous.

There is no autonomous bonus. It will be advantageous for teams to score in autonomous mode and get a head start on their opponent. This is especially important in this game since some points are only awarded to the first team to score in a goal – in this case scoring in a goal before an opponent is important!