What is the best amount of rpm for a drive train in change up?

What does everyone think will be the best amount of rpm for the drive train in change up this year sense this is a speed game. I personally thing around 250 to 260 rpm is good but it is a bit tricky with the sizes of the sprockets and gears.


I think that it depends upon the type of drive-train you plan to use. In my opinion, increased RPM is used to compensate for maneuverability, so if you used a basic chassis, you would want a higher RPM then say an X-Drive or Mecanum Drive

I am doing a 60 to 84 gear ration with 200 rpm motors. I believe that is 280 rpms.


Well it all depends on which wheels you are using too. I am going to assume you are going to use 4" omni wheels right.

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There is no “best” rpm, its going to have to deal with how comfortable your driver is, and how your region plays the game. (Defense heavy, slower, …) You can probably do fine with 200 direct, since I’m assuming the most important thing is cycle time, and not really drive speed.


I’ll suggest going for a drive speed slightly higher than 200RPM, preferably between 250 and 300. Change up is a game of resources and the faster you can reach the balls, the faster you can score


My team does a rather fast 360rpm (600 5:3) because, while its not a super torquey drive base, the speed allows us to run circles around defense bots.

Edit: I use 3.25 wheels though, so 360rpm is about equivalent to about 292.5rpm on 4 inch wheels

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I’d probably go with a 257 RPM. That’s a 600 RPM cartridge with a 7:3 gear ratio.

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