What is the best CAD program for Chrome OS

If you know a CAD program for Chrome OS please tell me.
Also if the program is more simple it would be better because I am a beginner.
Thank you

The only one I can really recommend for Browsers is https://www.onshape.com/

Might be worth buying an actual PC if you are going to be getting serious into CAD.


Thanks for the information

try App.sketchup.com or my.sketchup.com, a basic line based CAD not ideal for robots but you can try

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There are also services that will allow you to connect through a browser to a remote Windows session where you can run industry-standard CAD software (Inventor, Solidworks, etc.). Generally a small subscription fee is required for remote connection to your own computer, but some (typically expensive) services will actually host the remote session on their own servers.

Do note that this approach may introduce an unacceptable amount of latency.