What is the best device to use to get balls in the high goal for vex iq 2021-22 pitching in challenge?

My team and I have been working on different designs for getting the high goal but none seem to quite work. If anyone has any suggestions for what we could use then we would be very grateful.

You might want to look at the https://www.studentroboticseducation.com/ site. There are some designs there. You can see one of them here 148 pnts - VEX IQ Pitching In robot by Ben Lipper - YouTube


Thanks for the link but my team and I have already tried to use that but we can’t build it from the pictures that well. Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

There is a contact link on the site, reach out to them and ask your questions about where you are stuck. That group is all about improving robots. Once you get yours built, then modify it. Remember you don’t want to build clones, you want to stand on the shoulders of giants. Take that model and really improve it.

Good luck!


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