What is the best match you have ever played in vex?

This is the best game I have ever played.

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Not my best game, but this was one teammates first time driving this season (He’s not the driver) this was an elimination match and we were blue (so not the furthest gap, but more impressive with the context)

Honorable mention:
This was against our sister team


Not game, but games. Going undefeated at worlds quals


Clutch double park in the finals.




Using the radio edit, because it’s more appropriate to the situation, but c’mon. Mans went undefeated, that’s impressive. That match was close, but he pulled it out.

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While this match wasn’t a win, it remains my favorite match I’ve played for a few reasons. This match was the last one I played as part of a high school VRC team, with my teammate who I’ve known since elementary school. This alone sets the match apart for me, as it closed off the season in a phenomenal way.

It was played with some great teams who we had talked to throughout the tournament, a close match that could have gone either way, and was a great way to conclude my high school VRC career. Given that we were having issues with the robot on day one of the showcase event, being picked by our alliance partner and going on to do well in elims with them was fantastic!

While the match on it’s own is fairly solid, it’s the context of the event that really sets it apart for me. Hopefully I can have some matches that are just as good in VEXU!


{They’re on the same team}


I know, I know