What is the best program?

So my teacher is having us use Blockly for V5. However, on the forms I’ve seen nobody using Blockly. I’ve heard Python and others but what’s the best in general?

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There is a thread that discusses Blocks v Text (be it c++, python etc…). Karthik posted a study results that concluded that HS students starting with Blocks ended up understanding CS concepts than their peers that jumped straight into text only solutions.

Under the hood VEXcode V5 Blocks and VEXcode V5 Text use the same engine to compile and download onto the brain.


Blocks is certainly easier to get you started, and it should be able to convert to text in a future update for when you have the time.


Non is “better” than the other. As long as it accomplishes your goal and you like it, its fine.

Most people use text since its easier, more efficient, and let’s you do more complex operations once you know what you are doing. However for people who are beginners, block based programming is great since it lets you focus solely on the logic behind what’s going on and nothing else. Make sure to use the competition template though so you can add an auto.


One thing you will learn is that there is no such thing as a “best in general” when it comes to programming. Most programming languages (and the libraries that go with them) are designed to be “best in this case, with emphasis on these features”. Robot Mesh Studio itself is designed to provide online/cloud-y flexibility. Blockly in particular was designed to be an easy beginner language that facilitates switching to something more complicated later, with Python being the “something more complicated” in the case of RMS Blockly. If you’re a beginner working in multiple locations that will eventually want to transition to something more complicated (like a student in a robotics/programming class that might also need to work at home), then RMS Blockly is a solid choice.

He appears to be using Robot Mesh Blockly (unless he misspoke) which has had the ability to convert to Python since it launched.


Yes I am using robot mesh. Thank you guys for everything

Another reason to use blocky… In interviews more people from your team will be able to answer the judge’s questions as it’s just easier to understand.

No need to make a program already got the best here

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