What is the best wheel system to use with the Holonomic drivetrain?

Okay, so I’m wonder as to what the best way to use the wheels with the Holonomic drivetrain would be. We have the frame almost entirely built, our only issue is attaching the wheels. Should we use a gear system, or just send the shaft straight to the wheel. Thanks for the help!

It depends on what speed you want. If you want a very fast robot, you could do 4" wheels as long as you have the space. (Assuming you are doing an x-drive. You could also do 3.25 omnis, which will slow you down some, but not too much. 2.75 omnis will be even slower.
You can gear them up if you want to, although I may not recommend it for this game. I would personally recommend direct driving them, though.

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I assume you are building an x drive. Otherwise, you kind of have to do mecanum wheels. For an x-drive, direct drive is usually fast enough on 4 in wheels. A 2.75 inch wheel should also provide enough torque and if that doesn’t then you could go red cartridges on 4 in wheels. I would not recommend gear trains on an x drive unless you need it really fast.