What is the deal with IBM Thinkpads?

I just recently got an IBM thinkpad I was lacking a power source, so I fed in the required 16 volts from a railroad transformer. It simply would do nothing but flash the leds.
I refrigerated it for 15 minuites to drain the caparitors and got a proper power supply and it worked. the batterey still wont charge - it’s been going for 24 hours and is at 0%
ans sugestions?

Use a hammer?

yes but I dont think that wuld work.:cool:

Where did you get this computer???

I can’t return it It’s like prehastoric, I got it from my kind neighbors, they collect this stuff.
a hammer might be a good Idea:rolleyes:

Okay, BIG news, I finaly got all the bugs out and the batterey hasn’t been used in foreever, so it will naturly take a while
heres the good news,
I took a serial cabel and networked It to my desk top pc.
(did I mention the IBM thinkpad is a laptop?)
now through the PC’s cd drive, the laptop doesn’t have one, I am loading windows XP It is excepting It and It has 16 bit color about a 6GB hard disk and high memory so It will be pretty Good when The batterey charges and I don’t have to use the adapter to run the laptop
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Forget XP on that thing. Go with a really small/low resource consuming linux distro.

I don’t know, if i should (^^^^^) my desk computer ran very slow intil I installed XP on it now it is 32 bit color (instead of a max of 16 color) and the thing runs faster. maby the results will be okay If not I’ll use a lower memory consuming opperating system.