What is the definition of the top surface of a cube in tower takeover?

During our tournament, in the semi finals , the other alliance had a cube balancing on the top edge of another cube. IMG_0499
The other alliance was claiming it to be a scored cube, but the Ref did not know the ruling on this. Is the top edge considered the top surface?

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Seems like the entire region should read the rules:
Screenshot (776)


Yeah that’s what we thought, the Refs were not really sure even after we mentioned that rule.:joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


I was at the tournament.
Here is the pic:


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The tilted orange cube looks scored, but might not be. They counted it as scored.

According to previous threads I’ve replied and listened to, all 4 cubes would be considered scored. The cubes are not touching the top surface of any non-scored cube, and they are not touching any robots, so this will mean that all 4 cubes are scored.

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See related Q&A (just now looked at from @rpm’s other post) regarding using a paper test on such types of situations.

They must be touching the top surface of the base cube (or a scored/stacked cube) also, so the question is really “are they touching the top surface or not”.

Stacked Cube - A Cube status. A Cube is considered a Stacked Cube if it meets the following criteria at the end of the Match: 1. Contacting the Top Surface of a Base Cube or Stacked Cube. 2. Not contacting the top of the field perimeter wall. 3. Not contacting the Top Surface of any Cubes which are not Scored.


But if the cube was just on the edge it would be at at 45° angle and if you look at the picture it is at more of a 60° angle.

PNG image
The slanted orange cube can be considered: touching the top corner, but not the top surface?

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Thats a very good point! Never realized how technical this can get, dang😅


A situation like the image doesn’t seemed to be on the chafermed edge what would have to be done to confirm that would be a sheet of paper and if the sheet of paper can not be slipped tough the cube would be scored.


A base cube is only scored if it is flush with the ground, that implies that a cube needs to be flush with the cube below it. Again, this is just an implication but I think it makes sense.?.?.?

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Maybe… but the cube being on the very edge just doesn’t seem right .:lying_face::lying_face::lying_face:

It doesnt look to be contacting the top surface, just the chamfered edge.
Also, here it says “level or flush”, and it does not state that a stacked cube has to be flush with a base cube or a stacked cube


Well…it is contacting the top corner between the top surface and the chamfered edge, so it is not really contacting any defined surface. That also means that it probably isn’t contacting the top surface

Dont forget the requirement for a cube to not be leaning on the wall. If the wall was removed, would both cubes slide off? It looks as if the tilted cube would shove the other cube off

The ref ended up saying all cubes were scored, but if the green cube was removed, the tilted orange cube would slide off.

There is no such requirement.


It’s OK for a scored cube to be supported by another scored cube…:ok_hand:


The cube is resting on the black line, not on the top or the edge.