what is the difference between deg, rev, and raw with gyro turning

Hello again, I just have another question. I am using vex c++ and i was programming for my robot to turn with the 3 wire gyro. I got it to work but i was just wondering what are the different options when using this line of code " (rotationUnits:: ) " with this you can use after the :: either deg, rev, and raw. When i used it to turn i used deg, which seemed to work fine. I am just wondering what would rev, and raw be used for. Thank you and if you are confused i can try and help XD. Thanks again.

If I wanted to rotate 10 revolutions. It would be more convenient to be in rev than degrees. Units are just different ways of expressing the same data, it isn’t necessary better to use inches vs centimeters in your program, sometimes it might be slightly more convenient to use 1 than an other.

okay that makes much more sense. I’m just going to stick with degrees for now and maybe try out the other 2 eventually @tabor473