What is the Difference Between SpinFor() and RotateFor()?

Prety much the title…


Nothing. The API has changed more than once and we have kept the old version so existing code can continue to build. Current preferred method is spinFor.


Is there documentation somewhere that lists the preferred methods?

There is no documentation for preferred methods but there is documentation.

If you have used VexCode in the past or have older versions, the newer methods are the preferred ones


So, unless you happen to know what the original methods were you can only guess what commands to use, and wonder what the difference is since what documentation is available is so sparse.

Please update the documentation with what methods are depreciated or recommended for use.

For motors specifically, all of the spins are the preferred.

Yes, but that’s not documented.

This is the old documentation. You can just compare this with the other link I sent. It’s doesn’t really make a difference if you use either method.

Sure, but there is not a description of what if any difference there is between spin and rotate, which was the OP’s question. It’s a guess of what to use.

This is all intended to be used by novices, and having the basics minimally described is imperative.