What is the hardest part of vex?

Curious as to what most people’s largest challenge in vex is. Personally Auton is the hardest, it really grinds my gears sometimes. What is yours?

  • Coding Autonomous
  • Coding driver controls
  • Driving
  • Building
  • Designing
  • Notebooking
  • Teamwork
  • Scouting/Interacting with other teams
  • Other

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I put other since getting my team to listen to me can be a challenge


judging by the presence of metas I take it designing is going to be at the top

EDIT: Or the bottom. You can’t have difficulty with what you don’t do I guess…


that would be teamwork


I don’y interact with other people very well.
Also because building takes forever when you screw something on the wrong way.
I personally find notebooking to be pretty fun.

Why don’t yall like notebooking?


Personally I don’t like it as much because it can be difficult to show all of my thought process’s on paper and It can be a little tedious.

I put other cu, I think it’s finding a way to win with non-meta, so kinda design I guess, idk

He added the category after I said that.

Notebooking isn’t the cool stuff like building and programming… It is just writing words on paper.




My hand eye coordination is to say the least, lacking. Building is process of measuring 4 times, and still managing to attach the screws in the wrong spots. And my driver skills have “improved” over the years.

Kinda surprised how little people find trouble with teleop code. I mean ya, if you just direct map things its easy. But for more advanced teleop code you should be merging your auto code with the controller inputs. Things like auto aim and shooting, auto ball indexing, preset lift heights, auto stacking, auto cube detection and pickup, etc. all while the field remains inconsistent due to it being midmatch unlike the consistent field setup in auto. I find it a bit more difficult than auto.

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I added other, because, uh, resetting the field


I see a YouTube video and honestly changed half my robot

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I understand why you find advanced driver control to be hard to make, but driver control should always be easier to program than an autonomous program. In addition to this once you understand complex coding techniques and the process to make driving macros or advanced autonomous routines, both become significantly easier to do.

But even after you know the techniques to make either autonomous or driver control, driver control should still be easier to make in my opinion. The tasks used for driver control are repeated, short, and are able to be constantly observed and kept in check by a knowledgeable human.

I have never heard a team say that their macros were inconsistent on different fields, only autonomous programs are significantly affected by this.

Anyway, that is probably why most find autonomous significantly harder to do than driver control.


Honestly coding autonomous is really annoying, because of how precise most things have to be. But another thing that really grinds my gears is when the team blames an obvious structural/mechanical issue on the coder(s).

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To be honest, everything is hard. Some teams may be good at some aspects but everything takes a long time time to perfect.

Was on a 5 person team, and only me and 1 other were at competition, he left at noon… this is why scouting is the hardest part

Other for not building but problem solving when our builds don’t work lol.