What is the height limit for robot expansion?

I believe the last sentence of page 18 is extremely needed in this game. The rule states “There is no height limit for robot expansion.” The rule is in the rule book because Vex knows that teams are going to need room to expand especially when the goal of the game is stacking scoring goals. Teams will reverse double four bar and six bar lifts will need room to grow so they can thank this rule for their ability to do so. While there is no height limit for robot expansion the robot must stay within a vertical cylinder of 32 inches or 3 feet.

“No height limit” means you can extend as high as you want/can. Are you reading it to mean that you can’t expand in height at all?

I think he is commenting that them explicitly stating “no height limit” was a good idea.

The rule is supposed to be interpreted as restricting the robot to expanding within an infinitely-high 36" diameter cylinder. The expansion restriction is horizontal, not vertical. That’s what <SG14> means.