What is the highest score you guys have seen in person?

The highest for both of the alliances added up is 156
The highest single team I have seen is 92

My record (for both combined and single score) is a 98-9 match at one of our qualifiers a couple weeks ago.

But it’s still early season here - I’m sure that will get higher soon!


The highest that I saw was a 100-20 put up by Blackout and Apopka. It was at Apopka’s tournament (the first one this season): SF 1-1


I saw 147 driving and 60 program, but separate.

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Highest I’ve seen is 49

Highest I’ve seen is 72 in NY (by us and 7157b) but I expect this number to get higher soon as we haven’t been to any particularly competitive competitions in a while now and we got that score in November.

The highest I saw was 102 in MA

Not to flex but we got 102-4


Highest single score I have seen in Wisconsin so far was 113.

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Highest single alliance: 124
Highest total: 166

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Wow, what region?

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wait is this thread for alliance scores or skills?


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the largest single team I have seen is a downwards stacker who scored a total of 108 in skills being the first person in nebraska to break 100

We dropped a 116 - 17

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