What is the highest Vex Score

What is the highest score possible in Gateway using both doublar barrles for one alliance

Not to be mean here, but that seems like something you are quite capable of calculating yourself. It gets kind of annoying when people spam the forum with threads about something they could have figured out themselves, is in the vex manual, or has already been answered on the forum. I dunno how other people feel.

Theoretically it would be 48. 22 game objects for a team to score with, and if all of them are either under the influence of a doubler, or the first game object in a circular goal, then that’s 2 points per game object, + 4 points for the first object in a goal under the influence of a doubler.


I kind of agree. Maybe you should have calculated it first and then asked the question to confirm your answer.

I would guess 46, Oh how I wish it had been 42 which is of course the answer to life, the universe and everything. But you could also play with this


It really depends how many objects you think you could balance in a 30" goal.

Im sorry this was my first post and I mean I had already worked it out myself but I was challenged to prove it

Hey, it was a good question. So what’s the answer?

well the answer is “it depends” on how much you can stuff in the 30" goals and if you can balance the last object just right without it falling

as murdomeek said, it depends on how much you stuff the goals. i heard it is capable of 52 if you reallllyyyy stuff them

I got somewhere around 46 without the autonomus bonus which i don’t believe there is this year am I correct?

I arrived at the number 48 no matter how much you stuff the goals. Take a look at the numbers.

Is there an autonomus bonus this year if I remember right I don’t think there is

no auto bonus this year

The autonomous bonus comes from being the first to score in a goal.
Or keep the opponent from being the first to score in a goal.

There is no actual bonus, the bonus I guess would be the extra point earned for being the first person to score in a goal.

I would agree with that.