what is the highest VEX SP recorded

At the VA state championship about three teams two from 1575 and one from 4303 scored one of the highest sp points i’ve ever seen in my whole vex career if anyone has information please reply.


I’ve seen several teams hit 1000+ recently in this part of season as regional/state competitions occurred. I don’t know of the highest for this season or any season, but I’m sure we’ll see many teams with 1000+ as the season continues on at several events. It shouldn’t be that hard to reach over 1000 especially if you are in 6+ matches.

It entirely depends on how many matches have been played (and of course on the season). A better metric would probably be average SPs per match rather than total SPs.

If you do (for some reason) want to see high total SPs then APAC 2015 is the event with the highest average score and over 7 matches per team had teams with SPs in excess of 1300 (http://vexdb.io/events/view/RE-VRC-15-4137?t=rankings).