What is the ideal distance for the flywheel and the c-channel

Me and my team are having problems with the fly wheel. We are having an issue figuring out what the distance for the fly wheel to the c-channel is the best for pressure. Right now we have a c-channel and a acrylic with some spacers and a screw but we have an issue figuring out the ideal distance in between each other. ¿What is the best distance for it?

Test, test, test!

Test different placements of the c-channel and figure out which position works best. Then you can document the testing in your notebook and score a couple extra points with the judges.


As the poster said above, test the different distances. I’ve found that ~1/2" to ~1" less than the diameter of the disc is the proper amount. But test all the different possibilities! :slight_smile:


Hope this picture helps. The flexible poly strip is adjusted as we tune the size of the disc’s path through the flywheel mechanism.


One option is to make the c channel pivot or slide and connect it with long screws that have two nuts for adjustment. As the screws are turned it opens or closes the spacing and you can be very accurate with the tension.

In the photo example below the tilt of the base is changed by turning the vertical screw on the right.

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