What is the model of the "V5 Robot Battery Cable"


like this.
It is too short. I need to buy a longer one.
I don’t know the type of cable, which makes it impossible to search.
Is that legal?

If someone does know of a cable that is safe and compatible with V5, can someone ask if it is legal to use on the official Q&A?

A longer cable obviously wouldn’t be legal because it would no longer be identical to the VEX cable.

In fact, I would strongly discourage even trying to use anything but the cable validated and sold by VEX, since V5 uses lithium batteries instead of the NiMH batteries of the Cortex system. Poor quality cabling can result in quite a bit of… excitement…

Does anyone know if VEX plans on releasing longer battery cables or some type of extender?

I’d assume since they’re working on getting V5 stable extenders will take a while. Just hope it doesn’t take as long as it did for the old NimH batteries. We could’ve had those years ago