What is the most common robot design in your region?

Hey everyone, I have seen lots of traybots in videos that I watch, but at our competitions, people also have lots of dr4b robots. So I was wondering which robot design is more common in your area?

Tray bots. I’ve never even seen a dr4b before.

really? what state/ country do you live in?

I’m in the US, though I’d rather not say which state.

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ok that’s cool with me, as long as you feel comfortable with what you post :smile:


Tray bots, Dr4b, and tray+cubelock

Either pushbots. 6 bars (we started it in our state lol) traybots or some really jank DR4B/

Definitely Traybots. They’re very common around here.

They are common really everywhere. It differs on how it is built and performed though

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what state are u from?

If you read my bio and location. It says Ohio

ok cool thank you for your input!


Traybots for sure

Traybots all the way. I fall guilty to this stereotype.


  • Complex tray
  • Simple tray
  • Dr4b tray
  • Claw
  • Other

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I’d say that in FL, majority of the teams are traybots. But there are some DR4Bs, too.

We have a competitive cascade…


Our last competition of the season was legit 75% clawbots it was insane. But the good teams had traybots and I seen like one dr4b

Clawbots, then trey-bots, and the DR-4B