What is the most efficient route to take in a skills run? (Driver)

What is the most efficient route to take in a skills run as a driver? What should I prioritize?

putting goals on platforms is the quickest way to get the most points, so you should focus on that during skills if you can. just try to get as many goals on platforms during the minute you have.


Here’s our 310 pointer

310 Point Driver/Programing Skills

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what’s the point in sharing potentially useful information only to delete it afterwards?


for what, sharing a route that accomplishes the same thing that a ton of other publicly accessible routes do? Don’t mean to burst your bubble but a screenshot of the field with lines drawn on it isn’t information worth protecting.


I will respond without looking at any other answer - why?? this should be your team’s strategy!

This should be the most helpful response (apologies to others who have said the same!!)

That said - develop an autonomous planner for this season. This planner should yield what benefit from a skills runs yields (ditto for autonomous).

Do the research, yield the rewards.


welcome to the forums! The most efficient way depends of your robots capabilities, (if you can do rings on the top branch, go for that, if you cant lift goals, the path will be different, etc.) i would discuss and calculate it with your team.


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