What is the most useful piece in your opinion? Leave answer on comment section

There are over 100 different pieces… which one will you pick? Leave your answer on the comment section below.
Wipe Air- cortex

The universal joint :stuck_out_tongue:

The most useful parts are going to be the standard ones, from screws to bearing blocks to collars. Assuming you do not mean those, I will have to go with the thin 17.5" c-channel because it has so many applications. Not only can it be used for full roobots, it can also be cut (cutting is less ideal, of course) into shorter pieces for other parts. You could probably make a whole robot with 17.5" c-channels and some other standard parts.

I would have to go with the cortex also. You cannot do anything without it, at least for legal competition.

I’m gonna say the motors, they are a bit important, but if you want to know what I think is the coolest/most versatile. I would have to say the sprockets /w belt and flaps.

I know that’s 3 parts, but we use them together to do all kinds of cool intakes

I would say motors, but use of elastics is very useful in doing creative deisigns that save motor power for other systems on the robot.

This is kinda different from the MOST USED pieces, which obviously would be nut and bolts and stuff like that. If ur talking about most USEFUL, can’t really say cause u can’t do anything without cortex, motor, screws, bars, anything else.

Serial Programming Cable.

So much better than running around with a usb a-a cable connected to your robot :stuck_out_tongue:

Well since the common ones have been picked (cortex, nuts, bolts, cables) I think I’m, left with C-channels.

C-Channel couplers! These have been used in about 10 different ways I never thought you could or should. (in a good way)

so true john

Well, there are quite a few robots at this point in the season that do not have an intake and simply sit in the loading zone and shoot balls.

I know however, they will most likely miss some balls and they cant make up points for those missed shots.

Yes, I am not saying that that is a smart design, but a robot can be complete well without an intake, it is just not highly effective.

Well, they can always play defence :stuck_out_tongue:

I would say sensors, i know that can mean multiple things but with sensors it makes life a whole lot easier.

Very true, they also enhance the robot

The first thing you need is you :wink: my favorite piece would be the speaker though even though they aren’t the most functional …