What is the optimal weight of the robot in spin up

Our team is worrying about the weight of the robot. We are worried that the weight is too light and will be pushed when throwing. Should I maintain the current weight?
#6m 360rpm 4omni wheels 2 traction wheels
#I use google translate, please forgive me


You are all good for using google translate, we understand and it is very easy to read.

What is the current weight of your robot?

But the short answer is, test it, it will be different for every team and it depends on whether or not you want to be super quick, or a defensive fortress.

My robot personally is 22 lbs because of limited aluminum, but with a 6m 280 drivetrain, it works quite well for pushing.

Another possible solution is instead of weighing the robot down a ton, make a wedge (like battlebots for example), and use this to push around others.

hi!Our current robot weighs 5 kg and I want him to have the ability to move at high speed (that is, very fast), but when our robot is in operation, it will be slightly tilted at the moment of braking. Is this related to weight? Or is it caused by too fast braking, or uneven counterweight?

If you have too much weight on the side (Brain, battery or pnuematic tank placing) It can affect the way the robot turns, yes. I’d recommend placing that in the middle of the robot.

For speed, does the drivetrain have a gear ratio? If yes, what’s the ratio?

My robot has a 7:5 gear ratio (60 tooth with wheel and 80 tooth with motor), and it is also heavy because it’s hard to push around, but also is very fast because it was even too much for our driver. I believe you can pull that off too.

The tilting, I assume is forwards and backwards when starting to move and stopping. Is that correct?

If so, your issue (most likely) is that your Center Of Gravity (Where the center of all weight on the robot is) is too high. To fix this, try to move heavy things (battery, brain, motors if possible) lower on your robot.

What size wheels are you using? If you are using 3.25 inch wheels, then I think the speed you have is good and your weight is acceptable.

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My robot is 36 teeth with motor with 60 teeth with wheels, however my bot does what you say, my batteries, brains are placed on both sides

Exactly what you think and neither are my batteries and brains It’s on both sides of the robot, but unfortunately my brain and battery are hard to fit under the robot

The weight of your robot depends on the play style of your team. personally my robot weight about 20 pounds (9 kilograms) which was great for when we were a heavy roller bot but now that we are shooting I am regretting not letting it be lighter

What do you mean by both sides? I recommend placing them in the middle, not the sides.