What is the plural form of autonomous?

What is the plural form of autonomous?

or none of the above

Autonomous is not a noun so there is no plural. What would be grammatically correct is “autonomous programs.”


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Consider this: the word “robot” did not exist until somebody “coined” it one day. And then came robots, robotic, even roboticize, entirely out of thin air. Google one day became a verb. So did table. Languages live and grow because groups of people develop new ideas, new technologies, new forms of art, fashions, perspectives, etc. so I don’t think it’s too much to ask that “auton” become a word, therefore autons could be its plural, or that “autonomous” could be considered a noun. Languages that don’t accumulate new words to express new ideas just dry up and die.

Hey, but what do I know. I’m just some old cis white guy.

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I was just thinking this as I read the thread! We in Vex have made autonomous into a noun, so there must be a way to define it as plural now. Personally I believe the correct form is autonomeese.

I like autonomi

We’ve even made VEX a very. Do you VEX?
Not vex, as in annoy, but do you VEX?

You can nounify things, you can verbify things, but @Joshua_l is correct with today’s english.

Do you vex isn’t correct either. “Are you vexing?” would be the annoying. “Do you do VEX robotics” is also correct.

Communications is hard enough without making things up :slight_smile:

Says the man who is fond of using “TL;DR” :slight_smile:

with me words are important. While spoken words have lots of slack around them because they come with lots of audio and visual clues, written word is harder. The words you pick and how you use them become much more important. There are a plethora of words to pick from. But no matter what words you pick, the sentence structure is key to hold them together. It is very important that these two parts work in concert to get your meaning across clearly.

TL;DR @FullMetalMentor Yup!


I usually hear people saw autonomi as the plural.

Tele operational’nt

Since somebody already bumped this previously expired thread, I’ll add this:

Why do you need a word form more than one autonomous? Teams never have more than one, do they?