What is the purpose of the Neutral Zone during autonomous in VRC Over Under?

I’ve read through the manual, but I still don’t understand the purpose of the autonomous Neutral Zone. If somebody can explain that to me that would be awesome!

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From what I understand, it seems to only be effective during autonomous. SG10 has one of the only mentions of it, so I assume that it’s only used during autonomous and not for determining triball scoring.


So what is the zone’s purpose? Are you not allowed to cross it during the autonomous period?

Neutral means both alliances can enter. It is a buffer zone where you might expect to have to fight for the triballs with the opposing alliance since there are two that either alliance can use.


Ah that’s makes more sense. Thanks!

You can cross it, as long as you don’t cross the farthest line (double or single) from where you started. For example, in the picture I included of SG10, as long as the red robot doesn’t cross the double line in the middle and the blue robot doesn’t cross the single line representing the neutral zone, it’s fine.

I thought this what more what the thread would be about. I fully understand the rules on how the neutral zone works, but why? I don’t see how it makes sense for 1 side to be able to go slightly over to the other teams side of the field during auton. Seems like another useless rule like the 2 inch cylinder.


My guess is that it’s so there is risk involved during autonomous. If you take the risk and go into the neutral zone, there could always be a chance where the opponent also happens to go into the neutral zone, colliding with your robot, and messing up your autonomous.

It looks like it favours the offensive team in that half of the field, giving them more access to the goal. The defensive robot has less access to block the goal. What is the relevance of the double line? This is not really referenced in the rules as SG9 just states During the Autonomous Period, Robots
may not contact foam tiles, Triballs, or Field Elements on the opposing Alliance’s side of the Neutral

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Yeah that doesn’t make sense to cut only into one side.

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The neutral zones are placed such that they benefit the robot starting on their own offensive side at the beginning of the match. This will allow the robots starting on their offensive side easier access to the two triballs. Since the tribals sit on the double line and they are rather large and awkward, it is likely that an intake mechanism for picking up the tribes will cause them to shift forward a bit when picking them up. The neutral zone gives a bit more room to achieve this during autonomous. It doesn’t prevent the robot starting on the defensive side from going after the Reuleaux tetrahedrons, but it makes it more difficult for them to pick them up since they are on the far boundary of the autonomous zone, so go after those Reutets at your own risk. SG10b also spells out that the robot on the offensive side will get the “benefit of the doubt” in any interaction around the neutral zones.

Conversely, the robot on the defensive side of the field at the start will have access to one of their alliance match load zones, where a preset acorn will be sitting. That oak nut must be removed in order to gain the AWP.

The GDC seems to be discouraging head-to-head interaction between opposing robots during autonomous while not outlawing it entirely.


Wow, so many variations! :rofl: