What is the Stupidest Autonomous that you have ever created/seen in VEX

This thread is not to pick on others about what they have done, merely just for humor.
I know that at one point in VEX career when you were either new to programming or new to the competitions. And you thought up an autonomous in your head and thought, this is a good idea. But then it completely backfired on you and your team during the competition. I’m not going to lie, my team is like that still to this day.

During the “In the Zone” competitions, my team was just starting out and had a modified claw-bot and made a small autonomous that would only go backwards for less than one second, but what we didn’t know was that you had to make an additional code that tells it to all stop indefinitely after the code was done. It flipped over. But we were still in the square when the match ended giving us parking bonuses.


A defensive aton that threw cones at the other alliance to mess up their aton. This was ITZ


Not me, but I was at the comp


Okay, the year before I did VEX at my school, my team had an autonomous with a 100% success rate. It would lift the lift up to its maximum height, then rapidly reverse backwards to effectively tip over the robot


I think the stupidest auton is when a team does not have an auton at all. In almost all challenges there are very easy ways to get at least a minimal score in auton. This year, just push a cube in the scoring zone. That is about two lines of code. Makes me sad when I see a robot not moving in auton.


One year in finals my team took our 3 min timeout and our alliance told us to just drive straight as far as possible in 15 seconds then we set it up in in the zone to get in the way of the other robot , it ended up pulling there power expander wire out but they were super chill and enjoyed the humor of it and we qualified for state


During the competition Turning Point, our robot made it to eliminations. Our robot was made out of aluminum parts using a V4 cortex, and our alliance was a robot made of steel using V5. We were on the red side. What our robots auton does is that it would start in the far side of red(closer to the flags), shot the top flag, run into the bottom flag, backout of the spot, then go for park. But my alliance didn’t tell me what their auton did. To keep this short, when my robot was backing out of the spot, their robot comes into contact with ours at full speed. Our robot was pushed into the corner of the corner of the field and was stuck there the entire match.

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a team last year in turning point had an auton that would shoot a ball at the other team’s robot to throw it off course


Don’t know if this counts but…

My middle school didn’t have a vex team, but we did compete in first LEGO league, for those that don’t know what it is essentially all robotics was autonomous. One year we really ruined our weight management and our robot was extremely lopsided. The first program we tested at the season ended up flipping the robot and caused it to seize in a non-harmful way to the bot. We ended up renaming that program to “breakdance” and put the file at the bottom of the folder for laughs occasionally.

TLDR: I accidentally made a robot breakdance