What is the temperature measurement that the brain uses???

So when we were messing around with the brain temperature command and it returns to


but what real world value is it or is it just something vex made for their stuff only???

if you are referring to Brain.Battery.temperature, it’s percentage of maximum allowed.

@jpearman What is the max temp allowed?

Well, the final numbers are still being determined, what was put in there for the V1.0 release was somewhat temporary and is probably too high. It will most likely be revised for the VCS October release. So I would rather not say right now. Same applies to the motor temperature reading.

Wondering is there a set date for the October update?

If I may ask, why as a percentage? Doesn’t this make user code written now volatile, if programmers aren’t aware of the max temperature change?

Also probably concerning if a team is tracking their temperatures and after a software update suddenly see the number skyrocket.