What is the torque on the V5 Smart Motors in Nm?

On the site it says the red motor is 2.1 Nm, but what are the values of the green and blue motors?

Speed and torque are related. A 100 rpm gear set will have half the speed and twice the torque as a 200 rpm gear set. I’ll leave the math to you to figure out…document it in your engineering notebook.


Blue is 3 times as fast eith 1/3 the torque.
I’m sure you can do the math :wink:


Ok then. Quick follow up question. What do I put for the torque in here? https://www-barcbots-com.filesusr.com/html/51833e_fe170595b18ce5f3b95f93f3af4fcad2.html I have 12.6 Nm of torque with the gearbox I have, which I assume multiplies the torque (blue motor 1:36), but it only goes down to 20 Nm in the calculator, so is the Torque actually related to the weight on the tray?

Take a look at this training document http://cmra.rec.ri.cmu.edu/products/cortex_video_trainer/lesson/media_files/Motion_IG.pdf to get a better understanding of speed and torque (start around page 10).

Torque is a combination of “force” in newtons (or weight–force created by gravity) and “lever arm” in meters.


The torque as referenced by the barcbots calculator is the torque put on the tray fully loaded at a horizontal angle(this is listed on the calculator itself, read carefully next time)