What is the V5 Brain lead time?

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone has purchased a v5 brain recently and knows what the lead time for a brain is. I saw on the V5 kit page that kits are shipping Q1 2022, but I’m not sure if brains would ship sooner. E: controllers, batteries, motors are all out of stock…

We have just enough robot brains for our teams (some are pretty hard to use due to esd) and I was thinking about getting more, but I’m not sure if they would arrive on time for use this season.

No one has received a brain from Vex since June, and that was when they went out of stock and slowly they have run out of motors, controllers, batteries and other stuff due to the shortages. Unsure of when electronics went out of stock from Vex’s resellers. Your best chance to get any electronics is ask to borrow from other schools or other people who may have them.


ESD Boards legality if you would to try to “fix” the problem:

I don’t think this would help me, as many of the ports are no longer functional at this point. We’ve invested in anti-static mats, and they seem to have significantly reduced buildup of static (I’m no longer shocked when I go to pick up my robot from the field)

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