What is the white material?


Can anyone tell me what the white cloth-like material is on the spinning/descoring arm of the robot in the Asia Pacific Championships Final?

Specifically, I am asking about the robot on the right of the red alliances. (It is in the upper left when the video begins.)


Its probably some sort of mesh, but to me it looks like paper towels :smiley:

It’s just white anti-slip pad.

Thanks guys,

We also thought that it was the non-slip mat. Another robot in the competition is using a similar material in a similar design, but theirs was blue.

On the other hand, we tried to build a replica of this in a prototype, and could not get it to stay connected. Since we could not glue it, we tried to attach it with a series of screws, and the materials continued to rip in our prototyping.

Any ideas on how to attach it?

Attach standoffs to our chain. Then screw the mat on the standoffs.

very cool design. is it much lighter than gears with flaps and standoffs?

@clock it’s not considerably lighter, just more traction and less open spaces.

We are also thinking about this. We talked through the pros and cons on the tank tread, over the mat, and we think the mat would work better because of how much more surface area it covers while intaking, and it also doesn’t leave gaps in between the sprockets.

It’s just anti slip mat. Loads of teams were using it at APAC (for example the other robot on the red alliance in that video too…).

I had it on my robot, use cable ties. They work a treat. Screws work too, but I prefer cable ties to be honest.


In our experiences the mat works a thousand times better for both scoring and descoring than the rubber flaps.

Thank you all for the clarity and information.

I will pass it on to my team this week. I am excited to see what they can do with the new ideas.

I seem to recall a post here on the forums describing a mechanism much like (if it’s not the same robot) the tall blue robot in match 1 in the video, with the rolling support that extends/retracts with the arm going up/down. However, I cannot seem to locate that post. Does anyone know the post I am thinking of, and could you redirect me there if so? Thanks!