What is the width of 3.25 EDR omni wheels

The web page tells the diameter and the weight but now the width of the wheel.

What is the width of the 3.25 inch omni wheels for EDR

Um, the diameter is the width, what do you mean,

Edit: Diameter is basically length width and height for any circle.

They mean width of the tread

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The width of the tread is 1“


Ohh, 1 inch is the tread width

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tread width on 3.25" omnis is actually quite small compared to the other omni wheels. (something like ~.85") which makes them work really well for tight spaces.


So what is the right answer?

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Im going to guess .93 in. JK i have no idea.

the 3.25” diameter omni wheels are not 3.0”

i promise

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lmao that makes sense. ignore prior post.

According to the cad, approximately 0.97in.
Keep in mind though that there can be some slight variance in the width of the rollers. I suggest leaving at least 1" of space.


how did you get that? I tried to do that in inventor but it was not working

I just positioned two planes that were parallel to the wheel as close to each face as I could and measured the distance.

in what cad?

Onshape, though doing so should be possible in pretty much any CAD program.

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