What is the worst thing that has happed to you during competition

In one of our tournaments, the other team pushed a mobile goal under the platform but they pushed our alliance into that mobile goal therefore we touched it last so they didn’t get a point deduction

Similar, but I wouldn’t say it is the same

Last year, my team had a souped up crunchbot with a descoring arm. The arm was held in place by rubber bands which snapped out when the intake arm went up. Another team decided to exploit this by latching onto the rubber bands during a match and dragging us around, which resulted in the arm being broken for the rest of the tournament. They never got disqualified by the referee, unfortunately. (and we were at states, too!)


Although this is the worst thing

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In turning point we had a dr4b for a few competitions and we tipped over once. We had too many rubber bands on the lift so it wouldn’t go back down when the robot was sideways.

We got disqualified for being over 36" horizontally

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We were at a competition that for some reason was outside in the 100 degree heat (pre-covid). It was so hot outside, that people brought out chairs and held them over the robots so they would not overheat while waiting for the match to start. This was back in turning point, and 2 basic flippers won because they didn’t overheat in elim matches.


In tower takeover our arm gears snapped, these were high strength 84t gears, we did unspeakable things prior
Anyway we ziptied the crap out of them so we could keep competing


Russia man beat us in game.

brain died in teamwork finals

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First match of the competition, our alliance partner didn’t charge their controller. So they weren’t moving. Then our battery got unplugged because of a loose cord + bumping into a mogo in just the wrong way. We had two robots, just sitting there. We ended up winning the competition xD


3 of our 6 quals alliances disabling their robot in the first 45 seconds of the match.