What is the worst tournament you've ever attended? (IYO)

Probably the US Open. There seemed to be some technology issues that weren’t resolved that did affect the playing and viewing experience.

vex worlds. horrible experience. minutemaid park had an hour waiting line and it was rlly hot and 118 lost bc of a 120 pt penalty

whoops that was frc worlds

175 point penalty :frowning: rip @J_L_Picard

I hope that all those who had subpar experiences communicated to the EPs how to improve their events before posting here. Seriously, it is easy to sling mud on public forums and cause ill will to local volunteers. Harder, yet more constructive, is to email the EP with professional feedback.

I sincerely hope this thread does not grow past this post. I hope also more step up to volunteer at events.

@discovery RIP indeed…
Second time in a row FRC champs has been decided by penalties btw for those keeping score

The World will never get the much wanted 254 v 118 matchup.

Running events is very difficult and finding people willing to run them for free is even harder. I agree that sometimes changes need to be made, but we need suggestions, not criticisms.

I’ve deleted an inflammatory post, and a few others that quoted it / stemmed from it.

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Coolness. Carrying on now.

I don’t think we’ve attended any tournaments I would qualify as “worst.” I guess I just don’t think of things that way. Not even “least good”. There are some I enjoyed less than others, but I have to say the existence and widespread use of VEX Via has really increased my enjoyment of tournaments.

It is a bummer when tournaments don’t live publish the results. Campo tournament is one example so I think I’m allowed to say that. I think they’re gonna fix that this year though

A tournament where the setup crew fastened the field control cables to a wooden riser with staples. Driven through the cable…

EDITED TO ADD: Attending and running VEX competitions since 2006, I can remember lots of events that had various challenges, but none that I would describe as “bad.” The event partners and volunteers work too hard to allow “bad” to happen. I’ve tried to estimate how many events I’ve attended, and it’s probably over 150. More than most students ever get to attend :slight_smile:

That’s almost funny. Sorry you had to live with that.

How do you get the pictures on your thing? I’ve tried and cant get it to work.


Host an image somewhere on the internet. Any internet picture hosting site that doesn’t require login to vie w will work. On your “settings” page add the image URL to the signature block inside an image tag. Looks like:


That’s it.

(side note: Sometimes, people use VEXforum to host their signature image. They just attach their image file to a post. (Note the “Attach a file” like in the post editor when writing a message.) After attaching the file, the arrow link at the end of your attached file name contains an attachment identifier. I don’t know if you can use that attachment identifier all by itself or if you have to preface it with the site url; I’ve never done it that way. I think @tabor473 mentioned that once, though. Maybe he has the details.)

I can’t say there has been a “worst”. I appreciate all the hard work all the volunteers do to put on a tournament. I can say there are some features that I’d like to see at all tournaments:

  1. some kind of tracker for the queuing in the pit area. This could be either a screen or announcements.

  2. free coffee for coaches/mentors before 8am :wink:

The worst I’ve ever been to was definitely an early season Starstruck competition…

12 teams, 5 of those from our school (3116, 3116A, 3116B, 3116C and 3116Z)

3116 - 1 star capacity
3116A - 1 star capacity and the only robot there that could hang
3116C (Us) - 2 star capacity and the only robot there that could score cubes
3116Z - 1 star capacity, but were much more efficient at pushing

And the rest (including 3116B), were pushbots…

No surprises, it was an all 3116 final

3116C, 3116A

3116, 3116Z

and that’s where we qualified for UK Nationals…

The worst competition we went to was an early Starstruck scrimmage. The field was poorly built, allowing my standoffs to get stuck in the field perimeter every time. I was the only person with a decently built robot and we went 0-5 just because of that. I asked to fix the field and replay each match, but they said no.

Oh, that reminded me…

Regarding my post above…

We broke the fence in finals match 2 :stuck_out_tongue:

In the UK, does the 16 team restriction not apply? It’s always a struggle to get 16 teams here because without them, then the event doesn’t qualify