What is this considered?

So a robot is carrying 10 skyrise cubes and accidentally dumps in on an opponent also towing an ally robot behind you and then the two robots proceed to destroy a side of the fields making it fall of the 2 ft stage the field is elevated on. Then the other robot manages to fall of aswell managing to destroy the two robots that fell off earlier. Nothing was scored aswell :eek:


A monday morning

Not to mention what would happen to the innocent drive team or audience that didnt see it coming. Ouch

An exceptionally pathetic attempt at trolling :smiley:

Physically impossible to do by accident. If it actually occured, there would certainly be a DQ on the first robot and probably a ban from future VEX events. Possibly a DQ on the second robot, too.

Sounds like my teams’s autonomous program, version 1.3.